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MEMBER 1 writes:
"We have several dozen clients, including self funded retirees and other clients with low income, who have had dividend income and franking credits which have cancelled out all taxes due. We also have clients who, due to illness, had exorbitant medical costs (after Medical Fund refunds) and the Medical Rebate reduced the tax payable again to zero. In all of the above cases, no $900 Tax Bonus!. We have several other cases where the legal rebates have reduced taxes to zero.

We cannot believe that taxpayers earning $100,000 can receive this bonus, when other taxpayers of many years miss out because of these stupid anomalies. And now we hear that foreign pensioners also got the $1,400 bonus. Something is seriously wrong.

Not happy Rudd!"

MEMBER 2 writes:

"Another strange outcome of the tax bonus is the husband and wife earning same amount, wife is taxable and gets bonus, husband does not claim 30% health benefit tax offset until end of year and therefore G is too high and does not get bonus! I confirmed this outcome with the ATO. Go figure, all the taxpaying population who leave the tax offset on their health care until the end of the year are now losing $900. This appears to be an unintended consequence."

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