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MEMBER 35 writes:

"Just an observation. We have noticed that in the last few months, the ATO has been going slow on ABN applications. In particular, if you incorporate a Pty Ltd trustee, and then settle a trust that is to commence trading, ABNs are hard to get. On the ABN application for the trust, you are required to provide the trustee's name, and so we complete this portion of the application and provide the A.C.N. of the newly incorporated trustee company. We have been doing this since June 2000 when ABNs all commenced.

Now, the ATO is dropping the ABN application into the query basket, simply due to the fact that the trustee has no ABN itself.

AND there it sits. Nothing gets done, until you telephone the ATO some weeks later, and they then discover the application and process it over the phone.

What is the purpose of placing the application into a query basket, and not solving the query? Agents should not have to follow applications up, they should simply be processed.
For 9 years, there has never been a problem in the trustee not having an ABN. I mean, why would we want to apply for one? What would be the business activity of such an entity?

And yes, we also need a TFN for the trust as well. So the ATO actually doing their job and processing would be appreciated. If the ATO has a query, perhaps they could actually telephone us at the time of processing, rather than doing nothing. Can something be done about this? Why has the ATO changed its practice?"

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