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MEMBER 2 writes, in response to last week's item - see 2006 TAXVINE No 20 (33) (2 June 2006):

"Quite a few years back I had difficulty lodging under the 1333 number so I have always lodged under my Agent number. If persons in the ATO are that bored that they want to peruse my sad state of affairs I am happy for them to look all they like. Surely no agent should have a problem with the information disclosed in their tax return. It should be held out as a model of compliance and accuracy or are there really agents out there who embellish the data in their tax returns and obviously do not want their affairs scrutinised? I do not believe agents should be given special treatment in lodging under separate numbers."

TAXVINE CLARIFICATION: The Senior Tax Counsel’s comment about privacy concerns was directed towards the issue of the agent's staff accessing the information, not the ATO staff.

MEMBER 3 writes:

"I have completed a client update and put myself on my program. This has resulted in me being able to obtain portel information."

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