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MEMBER 1 writes:

"I have just received the ATO’s letter regarding entitlements and obligations on rental properties which I found to be extremely derogatory to all Tax Agents who do know what is claimable and what is not. When read from a client’s point of view, the implication is that we the tax agents have no idea of what we are doing and have gotten their previous returns wrong.

Then to top it off we receive an email saying that due to a programming error the ATO sent the client letters to the tax agents and would you agents please forward them on to your clients!

Well, I for one won’t be forwarding these letters on. It’s bad enough that the ATO want to malign us Tax Agents to our clients without asking us to incur extra costs so our clients can then question whether we are actually getting their returns right. I don’t think so.

When is the ATO going to learn that we, the tax agents in the community, are essential to the tax system and carefully consider what they send to taxpayers who use Tax Agents? It’s bad enough we are dwindling in numbers without the ATO adding extra burden from clients wasting our time questioning what we do.

Is the ATO trying to speed up the retirement process for Tax Agents? I know I am certainly considering changing professions to something less stressful."

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