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MEMBER 4 writes:

"Having been in the industry for 38 years, both as an accountant and as a financial adviser, the naivety & incompetence of politicians & bureaucrats still astounds me. The latest comment is why haven't superannuation fees come down considering the amount of money being poured into funds? Rephrase the question and ask why are accounting fees not reducing because of the number of people turning to accountants? The answer is the same. Governments do not understand the cost of changing things. I think if you did an analysis of the number of changes made to our tax and superannuation laws compared to other Western countries you would wonder how we have kept costs as low as we have. Governments have to wear the responsibility for our cost structure & do something about it before numbers in the accounting & other professional fraternities reach a critical low. This coming budget will once again highlight how much Governments rely on the goodwill of accountants to sort out their legislative messes."

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