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MEMBER 10 writes:

"Why is it so?
New client came in yesterday. The client is an employee courier driver. Working through the tax return going over the usual uniform deductions and the client says that the shopping centre accountant last year wanted to claim underwear, bras, socks, stocking and all personal items.

Why do I bother doing professional development, why do I try our hardest to get things correct, why do I spend hours researching questionable items when continually the bloke down the road does the wrong thing? Every year I lose a couple of clients to the bloke down the road whose deduction claims are outrageous, obviously incorrect and if ever audited would be totally disallowed. Further why is my work assessed not by the accuracy of the return but by how much the refund is and that amount is then compared to the bloke down the road?
I don't know, maybe I've been in the game for too long."

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