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MEMBER 16 writes:

"I have finished several small clients' year end financials & BAS but am unable to lodge the Annual BAS as the Annual Summaries are yet to be sent out by the ATO. I understand, of course, that it has to do with the ATO June credits being processed but it still annoys me that I have all the information to finish the whole of the 2009 work for clients but am unable to lodge an Annual BAS as I am waiting on some cruddy ID No. Heaven forbid that we can process any BAS without an ID No. Not a Tax File No - Not an ABN. But an ID No. Something which serves no purpose other than to delay us agents from lodging something before we are allowed to. If a client brings a job in early because they have retired, gone overseas or whatever the reason, if it is before the ID issues, we cannot lodge. The poor precious ID.

Just because I am overworked, I am selfish in wanting to finish a job off 100%. Now I must wait several weeks (from mid July) to finish off several jobs. I have to pick the files up again. Print the Annual Returns out, send them to the clients even though I have already sent the 2009 tax returns to them for signing already. Once signed, we can lodge them and then put the files back in our cabinets. All of this takes up time. Haven’t you heard the saying "Time is Money". It's not the money that is my problem these days. It's the time to get all the work done "In Time"

I know this sounds miniscule but the ATO has us running around with one miniscule thing after another."

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