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MEMBER 6 writes:

"I am not one to grumble much but I have been sick of the attitude of the ATO for a long time now and Australia Post is getting up my nose as well!

I have just received my mail and noted that the ATO are withholding 'other amounts payable' from refunds which are amounts that are not yet due for payment - I thought that this was fixed long ago! It is a bit rude when it relates to PAYG instaments that will be varied downwards or cancelled following processing of the return the now reduced refund relates to.

When I picked up the mail I was informed that Australia Post will no longer accept redirected mail from accountants - so we now have to pay postage to send the stuff that comes from PO Box 908 Albury and other places where they deal with family tax benefit payments, HELP accounts etc etc which is sent to us because they can't seem to differentiate between addresses - not only are we expected to waste our time answering calls and forwarding the mail on - we are now expected to pay postage on it as well - not this little black duck - I believe 'Return To Sender' in red on the envelope with a line through the address will mean that Australia Post will be obliged to carry it free on the return journey and then someone will have to look for the taxpayer’s residential address - and that will give Australia Post another problem if that doesn't happen to be their postal address. That would be too easy though - my guess is that we would instead get a lot more calls from contracted debt collectors who don’t care about confidentiality or what time they decide to call another time zone and speak to the practice or the agent they have just dragged away from their dinner or bed and expect to be put on to the taxpayer who frequently has a beef with the ATO and just as frequently ends up not having to pay anything.

With the ATO unable to read addresses, the debt collectors unable to read numbers and Australia Post not wanting to know about either - why should we bother with any of it?"

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