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MEMBER 7 writes:

"I wish to take issue with your TAXVINE comment in reply to Member 3's complaint that there is no practising accountant on the new Tax Agents/BAS Agents Board. The members that you mentioned are obviously outstanding if only because they are members of the TIA. However, Member 3 is really referring to the small practitioners that prepare the majority of tax returns. These returns are for individuals, small businesses and SMSFs. These small practitioners are the majority of registered tax agents and our problems in running our practices are similar to those of our clients. These problems can never be understood by academics, public servants or people from the big end of town."

MEMBER 8 writes:

"I have to agree with Member 3 in last week's TAXVINE. It would appear from reading the list of Board members on the new Tax Practitioners Board that there are only 3 that are qualified accountants. I for one am not entirely comfortable with the way this new Board has been put together and this has just confirmed that it's time to leave this profession and find a less stressful form of employment.

On another point, it's great to see I'm not the only one out here having to deal with the idiosyncrasies of the ATO. It's about time the Commissioner stepped out of his ivory tower and took a good hard look at what his people put agents through for no good reason. Keep up the good work TAXVINE."

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