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MEMBER 5 writes:

"Interesting reading all the problems agents are having with the tax bonus. I opted that ATO send the Tax Bonus to the original mailing address. 90% of my client's assessments go to their home address.

I than allowed 4 weeks before going on the Portal to check out several selected clients to ensure that the Tax Bonus came to my PO Box. I thought it was simple. Tax Bonus 1 says address abc street, or PO box etc.

I changed about 8 of these to my PO Box. Once a week for about 6 weeks I checked on each of these 8 clients as 1 client was o/seas and others moved, etc. Very simple. I DON'T THINK SO. The client who is o/seas for several months was supposed to have her $ 900 sent to my trust account. ATO set this up for me over the phone as I am not allowed to add or change the client's bank account details on the Portal. Now of course her tax was sent by mail direct to her house.

It seems that all of the ones I had kept an eye on for all these weeks have been treated the same. What was the point of having a postal address for Tax Bonus on the portal if was going to be ignored. Once more the ATO shows its contempt for us agents.

When I asked a lady at the ATO this morning why this had happened all she could do was tell me what had happened. I told her that I know what happened that is why I am on the phone to her. She just got angry with me and I hung up on her.

At least the next lady was very apologetic & seemed very concerned. She told me to contact my tax agent relationship manager & lodge a complaint. I explained to her that if I can’t get a result what chance would someone who can't do anything other than the most menial tasks in his/her role help me. The answer is quite simple they couldn't.

Well done to the ATO for stuffing up something that seemed so simple.

PS. If the ATO cannot trust me to change or add bank account details on the Portal, how come they allow me or a staff member to ring them up & change it over the phone? I guess they figure that if I speak to them over the phone I must be honest. But if I am on the Portal, I must be a crook."

MEMBER 6 writes:

"I have a client whose main income last year was a dividend from his company.

Taxable income $11014
Low income rebate $750
Franking credits $3304
Tax liability $2.10
Refund due $3301.90

As franking credits are included at Label G, he is not eligible for the stimulus package. Foreign tax credits can be excluded from Label G but not imputation credits.

My issue is that with all of the ATO advertising, both web and paper, they make a point of saying that you have to have paid tax to qualify. In this case, the client has paid tax, but because franking credits are not excluded from Label G, does not qualify. This is very deceptive and caused angst for this client. A call to the ATO has confirmed this is not an isolated incident."

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