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On 17 June 2009, the ATO withdrew the following with effect from the same day:

  • SGD 2003/7: Superannuation guarantee: if a contribution to a fund is made by cheque, when is the contribution made?
  • TR 2005/24: Income tax: deductibility of personal superannuation contributions
On the same day, the ATO partially withdrew MT 2005/1: What is the tax treatment of an expense incurred by a superannuation fund that is paid by an employer or eligible person on behalf of a superannuation fund? Specifically, paras 5 to 12 inclusive, paras 16 to 38 inclusive, and paras 44 to 51 inclusive of Miscellaneous Taxation Ruling MT 2005/1 are withdrawn with effect from 17 June 2009. The income tax issues covered by MT 2005/1 are now covered in Draft Taxation Ruling TR 2009/D3, which issued 3 June 2009. For a copy of MT 2005/1PW1, go here

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