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13th National Convention

Published on 19 Mar 1997 | Took place at Grand Hyatt Hotel, Melbourne, National

This convention focuses on the environment tax practitioners will be working in in the year 2000 and beyond.

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Individual sessions

Best Practice for In-House Tax Advisors

Author(s):  Dale ERICKSON 'Best Practice' is an often used and misused term. This seminar discusses how to identify and apply 'Best Practice' to the in-house tax function.

Materials from this session:

Tax Issues for Privatisation

Author(s):  Geoff MANN This presentation will cover: Sales and Land tax, Stamp duty, FID and BAD tax, Human Resources taxes.

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The New R & D Regime

Author(s):  Philip CONSTABLE This presentation covers: The Federal Government commitment to research and development; START grants and loans - who should apply and how selections are made; Recent changes to the R & D tax concession and its administration; and how to make trouble free, cost effective claims.

Materials from this session:

Substance V. Form - the ATO approach

Author(s):  Michael D'ASCENZO This presentation covers a brief comparison of the United States and Australia and then works through a case study based on 'Spotless'.

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Author(s):  Gabriel SZONDY This convention paper covers: Implications of the 1996 Federal Budget measures relating to Superannuation on employers, employees/members and fund trustees; Taxation issues facing superannuation funds - Div 16E, grouping investment strategies, investment vehicles, SGC issues.

Materials from this session:

Transfer Pricing

Author(s):  Peter BLACKWOOD Extensive rulings and draft rulings have been produced on transfer pricing issues. This presentation aims to provide a more practical approach to applying the rulings to specific situations faced by taxpayers.

Materials from this session:

Trust Losses

Author(s):  Mark LEIBLER This presentation focuses on the legislation introduced into Parliament to proscribe trafficking in trust losses. Looks at the extent to which the legislation is likely to interfere with a range of ordinary transactions which are quite outside the scope of the evil sought to be proscribed by the Government.

Materials from this session:

Trust and Estate Planning

Author(s):  Andrew SINCLAIR This presentation covers: Inter vivos trusts - ensure their control is addressed; Testamentary trusts/post death trusts/child maintenance trusts; Death and superannuation benefits; CGT and deceased estates.

Materials from this session:

Utilisation of Tax Losses

Author(s):  Michael LONGES This seminar will focus on the practical issues associated with Ruling 95/3; Satisfying the continuity of ownership by Public Companies; Practical problems with group loss tax transfer provision; and how the tax loss rewrite provision applies.

Materials from this session:

Substance versus form: the ATO approach: 2

Author(s):  David RUSSELL This convention paper discusses the ATO approach to substance versus form, with a historical perspective, and suggests that the distinction is now of limited relevance and likely to become of even less over time.

Materials from this session:

Current income tax and CGT issues for trusts

Author(s):  Rodney ROSENBLUM This convention paper discusses current income tax and CGT issues for trusts and notes the approach by Revenue as simply an instrument of tax avoidance.

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Practical issues: settling audits and contesting assessments

Author(s):  Rob O'CONNOR,  Liz PETERSEN This convention paper discusses settling audits and contesting assessments, with a discussion on large business income-type audits.

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Timing issues and derivation of income

Author(s):  John DAVIES This convention paper discusses timing issues and derivation of income and whether there is a matching principle.

Materials from this session:

Trends in taxes on employee benefits

Author(s):  Andrew PURDON This convention paper discusses trends in taxes on employee benefits.

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Part IVA: where to draw the line

Author(s):  Michael CARMODY This convention paper discusses the application of the general anti-avoidance provision, Part IVA, following the decision of the High Court in FC of T v Spotless Services Limited.

Materials from this session:

Part IVA: The Spotless Case

Author(s):  John EMMERSON This covention paper considers whether the decision in Spotless Case , is a triumph for common sense, or whether it is yet another failure in the long battle to presuade Parliament and the courts to define what is acceptable by way of tax minimisation.

Materials from this session:

The vulnerability of a professional adviser

Author(s):  Michael HILL This convention discusses the vulnerability of the professional adviser in the face of the explosion of unintelligible taxation legislation.

Materials from this session:

The new R & D regime: 1996 changes to the tax concession

Author(s):  Martin FINN This convention paper discusses the new R & D regime, with a focus on the 1996 changes to the tax concession.

Materials from this session:

Tax issues for privatisation

Author(s):  Anthony PROCTOR This seminar covers: the evolution of a tax code for privatisations, tax issues affecting value determinations, international tax planning as a competitive tool.

Materials from this session:

Fixed and non-fixed trusts

Author(s):  James PETERSON This seminar paper discusses the formation of trusts, including the outline of the types of trusts commonly used, choice of trust, and formation considerations.

Materials from this session:

Transfer pricing: global trading and transfer pricing

Author(s):  Phil ANDERSEN This seminar paper discusses transfer pricing and global trading.

Materials from this session: