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Published on 24 Mar 1999 | Took place at Hotel Grand Chancellor, Hobart, National

This convention provided delegates with improved knowledge in a variety of specialist taxation areas, and the very latest information on a range of issues and strategies relevant to the changing taxation profession.

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Individual sessions

Trust Losses and Family Trust Elections

Author(s):  Glen BARTON This paper is part of a review of trusts as they currently stand. It covers trust losses in detail and familiy trust elections including a case study.

Materials from this session:

Distributions of Income from Trusts

Author(s):  Rob JEREMIAH This paper is part of a review of trusts as they currently stand. It contains case studies on distributions of income from trusts including the proposed 45 day Share Holding Rule and closely held trusts.

Materials from this session:

Global Challenges

Author(s):  David KRASNOSTEIN This paper addresses the topic of meeting global challenges for Australian business and especially meeting the challenges of doing business in a global electronic environment. The author highlights three key points : the growth prospects of Australia's major corporations will depend on their ability to "reinvent" their strategies, structures and operations; the greatest risk to Australia's future economic growth is internal; there are many structural flaws in the present business tax system, and some of the government's tax reform proposals will also potentially disadvantage Australian multinationals.

Materials from this session:

Goodwill and Rollovers

Author(s):  Graeme S COOPER This paper considers small business rollovers and the special rules relating to goodwill - goodwill in the context of rolling over a business to a company. The author focuses on the CGT issues that will arise pursuant to a rollover transaction where the asset which is the subject of the rollover is goodwill. That is the intersection of these ideas - what aspects of the joint operation of rules on goodwill and the rules on rollovers can give rise to pitfalls or opportunities.

Materials from this session:

Death - the Ultimate Rollover

Author(s):  Arlene MACDONALD This paper uses practical 'real death' examples of the CGT position of the deceased, the estate and the beneficiaries : scope of assets covered by the rollover; in specie distributions; joint assets; life estates and testamentary trusts; beneficiaries purchasing estate assets

Materials from this session:

Creative Rollovers

Author(s):  Chris EVANS This paper provides an overview of the planning opportunities for various business reorganisation rollovers : multiple rollovers; structuring issues; maximising the benefit of capital losses; chossing etween the available options

Materials from this session:

Compensation Payments

Author(s):  Graeme COTTERILL The proper tax tax treatment of compensation payments is a contrroversial issue : when will compensation be taxable as ordinary income or statutory income; when will compensation be taxable as capital gain; Taxation Ruling TR95/35 - is it right?; deductibility of compensation payments to the payer; practical examples and common situations

Materials from this session: