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Published on 22 Mar 2001 | Took place at Sheraton on the Park, Sydney, National

The 15th National Convention focussed on the actions taxpayers need to consider in the period up to 30 June 2001, to ensure that their businesses are in the best possible shape to weather the high seas which are inevitably coming.

Speakers' papers look at the tax rules proposed to operate from 1 July 2001 in the context of using that knowledge to plan for the important transitional period.

Registered delegates please note:
If you require copies of any materials not received during the Convention, please contact Taxline, or call 1800 674 426, for your copy. You will find copies of speakers' powerpoint slides readily available below.

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Individual sessions

Planning for the Utilisation of Group Losses

Author(s):  Tony COOPER This paper, with case studies, focuses on planning issues in applying the rules for the use of tax losses by groups that are consolidated for Australian income tax purposes on or after 1 July 2001

Materials from this session:

Existing Trading Structures

Author(s):  Richard J FRIEND This powerpoint presentation discusses Existing Trading Structures, with a focus on: Unit Trusts and Family Trusts vs Companies; Non Commercial Loans; Tax Preferred Income, Cash Flow Planning; Transitional Issues and Planning Strategies.

Materials from this session:

Tax Reform Update: Establishing our Current Position

Author(s):  Tony STOLAREK This powerpoint presentation discusses tax reform legislation to be introduced in the period leading up to 1 July 2001. It looks at the resolved and deferred issues, enabling tax professionals to establish their position and actions required.

Materials from this session:

Anti Avoidance and the Tax Office

Author(s):  Tony PAGONE QC Topics covered in this convention paper include:
- Analysis of the current interpretation of Part IVA, including the new definition of tax benefit
- A practical guide to assessing anti-avoidance issues in planning with tax reform
- The group reorganisation - can complying with tax legislation itself create unsuspected anti-avoidance problems?

Materials from this session:

Anti-Avoidance and the Tax Office

Author(s):  Michael D'ASCENZO This powerpoint presentation looks at the ATO's current views on the interpretation of tax avoidance laws.

Materials from this session:

Business Changes and Reorganisations

Author(s):  Les SZEKELY Topics covered in this convention paper include:
- Buying and selling businesses
- Winding up/changing business structures
- Trust deeds and constitutions
- Timelines and timing imperatives

Materials from this session:

Capital Gains Tax: Minimising Capital Gains Tax

Author(s):  Mark L ROBERTSON This paper examines the impact of recent legislation amendments in the CGT tax laws, design and implementation of business structures, the 50% concession and retirement for a range of entities (Division 152), reviewing and restructuring current operating structures in the new tax reform environment leading up to 1 July 2001.

Materials from this session:

Private Investment Structures

Author(s):  Peter RILEY Topics covered in this convention paper include:
- Is there an ideal entity or structure for tax effective investing?
- Tax rate
- Distributions vs dividends
- Capital vs contributed capital
- Franking credits & refunds/unfranked dividends
- Estate and succession planning
- Testamentary trusts, deceased estates and excluded trusts

Materials from this session:

Simplified Tax System

Author(s):  Michael HINE This paper dicusses whether the Federal Government has delivered on real simplification, looking at depreciation, stock, cash accounting, planning traps, benefits and disadvantages, who will use it, and who is not suitable for simplified tax.

Materials from this session:

The Too Hard Basket - Dealing with Old Tax Problems

Author(s):  Arlene MACDONALD Key issues covered in this convention paper include:
- Disaster planning for potential problems (how to minimise the damage)
- Tips in solving problems in disputes with the ATO
- Tips for success at the Administrative Appeals (or Administrative Review)Tribunal ane the Federal Court
- Professional duties and dealing with client complaints
- Problem areas including:
     - 'Bad' reorganisations of entities
     - Divison 7A, including interposed trusts
     - Being out of time for CGT rollovers and other concessions

Materials from this session:

Planning for the Bigger End of Business Groups

Author(s):  Paul KRAKAUER This powerpoint presentation discusses consolidations and planning for the bigger end of business groups, including resetting cost bases.

Materials from this session:

Alienation of Personal Services Income

Author(s):  Peter MOLTONI Topics covered in this seminar paper include:
- The financial impact of the alienation of income from personal services
- Individual and personal services entities
- Limitation of deductions relating to personal services income
- Exemptions eg. PPS taxpayers
- Collection: alienated personal services payments
- Does Part IVA apply? Looking at alternative structures.

Materials from this session:

Tax Reform - Where are we?

Author(s):  Alice MCCLEARY This powerpoint presentation provides a brief summary of what taxation was like before the Ralph Report, what Ralph recommendations there were and what recommendations have passed through parliament.

Materials from this session: