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1996 Queensland Annual State Convention

Published on 24 May 1996 | Took place at Conrad Jupiter's Casino Hotel, Surfer's Paradise, QLD

The 1996 Queensland Annual State Convention.

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Individual sessions

12 months of cases and rulings

Author(s):  Sandra RODMAN This paper summarises cases and rulings on taxation law, covering such topics as assessable income, allowable deductions, capital gains tax, FBT, and superannuation.

Materials from this session:

Contractors and employees: the new regime

Author(s):  Howard ALEXANDER In the 1995/96 Budget it was announced that a number of proposed amendments to the PAYE and related provisions would be included in new legislation. These amendments lapsed under the new government but there is no announcement that the proposals have been abandoned. This paper gives an overview of the system, defines salary and wages, and looks at the various categories

Materials from this session:

Current issues in property development

Author(s):  Tom MEREDITH This convention paper discusses the issues raised in draft Taxation Ruling TR95/D15 which deals with the taxation of land acquired as trading stock

Materials from this session:

FBT - 20 burning questions

Author(s):  Mick CASEY This paper covers a number of issues in the form of questions and answers to address the practical applications of the FBT legislation.

Materials from this session:

International taxes and structures

Author(s):  Richard SHADDICK This paper looks at the Australian resident trusts, a potent tool of international structuring. It also looks at the growing number of tax regimes, and finally the question of company residence is reviewed

Materials from this session:

Primary production

Author(s):  John NEWBY This paper includes commentary on a range of primary production issues, some old and new. The author has attempted to make his comments practical and to the point, and is not an in-depth legalistic analysis of the issues

Materials from this session:

Property development

Author(s):  David COMINOS This paper discusses the way in which the trading stock regime applies to property developer who acquires land as trading stock with particular focus on the costing issues raised by Draft Ruling TR 95/D15. It also deals with some of the tax accounting problems in the context of developers who are subdividing urban land on a relatively large scale and who have acquired land for that purpose

Materials from this session:

Recent cases, rulings and determinations

Author(s):  Annamaria CAREY This seminar paper discusses recent cases, rulings and determinations.

Materials from this session:

Recent developments: income taxation of mining in Australia

Author(s):  Roger GIBSON This paper discusses a number of the income tax issues which have confronted the Australian mining industry during the last 12 months

Materials from this session:

Stamp duty

Author(s):  Harry LAKIS This paper deals with the issues arising in the case study involving client instructions to add a corporate beneficiary to a discretionary trust, and also the case study involving subscribing for units in a unit trust

Materials from this session:

Super strategies - reducing community costs

Author(s):  David DIMENT This papers looks at the four focus areas of the ATO which seek to gain support of the community

Materials from this session:

Superannuation strategies - the regulator's view

Author(s):  Pat HANNAN This paper looks at what the Commission's superannuation supervisory objectives.

Materials from this session:

Tax Law Improvement Project

Author(s):  Brian NOLAN A paper that looks at the internal perspective from the Project team which is rewriting Australia's income tax law.

Materials from this session:

Review of current developments in tax losses

Author(s):  Robert Allerdice This paper discusses tax losses in relation to recent rulings and draft legislation.

Materials from this session:

Taxation of deceased estates

Author(s):  Greg CAHILL This convention paper focusses on a number of discrete tax issues which practitioners may encounter in practice when dealing with deceased estates

Materials from this session: