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2004 Consolidation Update Series Seminar 1: 10 traps to watch out for

Published on 20 May 2004 | Took place at Le Meridien at Rialto, Melbourne, VIC

This seminar shed light on some of the common errors and misconceptions that have surfaced since companies commenced the process of Consolidation and provided practical guidance on the options to effectively implement consolidation of companies. Key points covered include:
- initial ACA calculations
- pre-CGT shareholding / pre-CGT factors
- post-consolidation utilisation of losses
- post-consolidation corporate acquisitions
- sale of a subsidiary.

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Individual sessions

Tax Consolidation - No more rehearsals. Let the show begin!

Author(s):  Ken SPENCE Tax consolidation issues have been discussed and workshopped extensively over the past two years but now it's time for many corporates to bite the bullet, finalise their calculations and lodge their first consolidated return.

This paper reviews technical positions being taken on common difficult issues. It will also highlight the new issues that corporates will have to confront as they operate into the future as consolidated tax groups.

- The ACA 'terrible timing': Step 2 liabilities and Step 3 retained earnings.
- What are 'assets' for ACA allocation purposes.
- Capital allowance assets: 'over-depreciation' and future depreciation rates.
- Strategies for loss and value 'donations'.

This was also presented at the Consolidation: 10 traps to watch out for seminars held in Melbourne on 20 May 2004 and in Sydney on 26 May 2004.

Materials from this session:

Consolidation: 10 Traps to Watch Out For

Author(s):  Geoff LEHMANN This presentation covers the following topics:
- CGT Event L7
- post-consolidation use of losses
- post-consolidation corporate acquisitions.

This was also presented by David Romans at the Consolidation: Ten traps to watch out for seminar held in Melbourne on 20 May 2004.

Materials from this session: