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21 Questions on WorkChoices

Published on 05 Oct 2006 | Took place at The Menzies Hotel, Sydney, and The Crowne Plaza Hotel, Parramatta, NSW

This seminar series was held on:
- 3 October 2006 in Sydney
- 5 October 2006 in Parramatta.

Keeping your business and the businesses of your clients compliant is difficult. With the major changes introduced by WorkChoices it can be very hard for businesses to know where to start, let alone how to comply and obtain benefits from the new laws. The aim of this seminar was to help you understand what the new employment laws mean, how they apply and how you and your clients can make the most of them. The new employment laws were discussed from a practitioner's perspective.

Individual sessions

21 questions on WorkChoices

Author(s):  Simon DOOLEY This paper goes through 21 of the most significant changes that affect your business. By being informed and responding to these changes you can make the most of what WorkChoices has to offer your business.

Materials from this session: