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36th Annual Victorian/Tasmanian State Convention - ''Navigating the Best Course''

Published on 11 Sep 1997 | Took place at Country Club Casino, Launceston, TAS

Focuses on key taxation issues in the structuring, acquisition and financing of businesses. Topics include: tax losses rules, franking credit rules, evaluation of alternative business structures, examination of financing alternatives, and CGT rewrite.

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Individual sessions

Landmark Decisions of the Last Decade

Author(s):  Justice D Graham HILL Examines landmark decisions for tax advisers including ERA, Coles Myer, Spotless and Steele's.

Materials from this session:

Tax Losses - the Rules Affecting Availability

Author(s):  Pauline GRODSKI An explanation of the rules affecting the availability of tax losses, especially for trusts.

Materials from this session:

Tax Law Changes: Designing the Vessel

Author(s):  Ray L CONWELL An evaluation of alternative business structures in the TLIP environment. Examines sole proprietorship, partnership, co-operative, company and trusts.

Materials from this session:

Restructuring: Is the Vessel Seaworthy?

Author(s):  Restructuring, the ATO perspective.

Materials from this session:

The TLIP: How to Live with Two Acts

Author(s):  F. John MORGAN,  Michael O'SHANNASSY Consideration of changes to the Corporations Law.

Materials from this session:

Stamp Duty Implications of Corporate Reconstructions

Author(s):  Sue WILLIAMSON Stamp Duty implications in relation to reconstructions.

Materials from this session:

Taxation Issues for Trusts

Author(s):  Rob JEREMIAH Examines structuring issues for trusts, and includes a look at taxation issues in relation to 'hybrid' trusts, and the development of specialised trusts for asset protection and wealth generation purposes.

Materials from this session:

Capital Gains Workshop

Author(s):  Examines the preservation of CGT status; Rollover relief and its availability when restructuring; Issues arising upon liquidations.

Materials from this session:

Litigation against the Tax Adviser

Author(s):  Peter RASHLEIGH The growing trend towards litigation and its impact on the tax adviser.

Materials from this session:

Financing the Acquisition and Expansion of Businesses

Author(s):  Michael ANDREW Examines financing alternatives, including debt, equity and hybrids; Preserving the deductibility of interest expense; impact of the financial arrangements proposals; Debt creation, thin capitalisation and withholding tax.

Materials from this session:

Trust Accounting and Tax

Author(s):  Keith JAMES The clash between tax and accounting rules.

Materials from this session:

Controversial Tax Announcements

Author(s):  Richard SHADDICK Controversial tax announcements, rulings and cases.

Materials from this session:

Capital Gains Rewrite

Author(s):  Mark POOLE Capital Gains Tax rewrite

Materials from this session:

Superannuation: the Latest Changes

Author(s):  Gabriel SZONDY Recent changes in superannuation, including the surcharge.

Materials from this session:

Employment Taxes: Recent Developments

Author(s):  Garry SEBO Includes recent developments of Fringe Benefits Tax and PAYE/SGC.

Materials from this session:

Tax Effective Investments

Author(s):  John McCormark Tax effective investments do not necessarily equate with marginal or risky new schemes. A range of quality tax effective investments and strategies are available to make investment products substantially more tax effective.

Materials from this session:

Franking Credits: Weathering the Storm

Author(s):  Patrick BROUGHAN Examines the availability of franking credits, with an analysis of the Budget proposals in Press Releases Nos 46 & 47.

Materials from this session: