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4th Annual Superannuation Seminar - SMSF Focus

Published on 20 Jul 2004 | Took place at The Menzies Hotel, Sydney, NSW

So far this year the government has made several announcements regarding important changes to superannuation. Practitioners who advise on superannuation and retirement planning need to fully understand these changes and how they will impact on their superannuation and retirement planning strategies.

Having identified widespread non-compliance the ATO has also indicated that it will be maintaining close scrutiny of SMSF trustees and auditors.

This superannuation seminar provided practitioners with an excellent opportunity to learn about the superannuation changes and the ATO audit activities in this area. The emphasis was on practical issues relevant to practitioners in their everyday advising.

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Individual sessions

Superannuation Update

Author(s):  Bryan ASHENDEN This presentation covers:
- Treasurer's announcement on superannuation and retirement planning earlier this year eg. market linked pensions and other changes
- 2004-05 Federal Budget superannuation measures
- interdependent relationships and tax free superannuation benefits. Assistant Treasurer's recent announcement.

Materials from this session:

Super Splitting on Marriage Breakdown

Author(s):  Garry WATTS This paper covers:
- division of superannuation interests on marriage breakdown
- taxation issues
- other practical issues to look out for.

Materials from this session:

Allocated and other pensions

Author(s):  Mark WILKINSON This paper contains:
- a case study on how to pay an allocated pension out of a SMSF
- complete coverage of everything you need to know as an adviser to pay an allocated pension.

Materials from this session:

Auditing a SMSF

Author(s):  Graeme COLLEY This paper covers the following topics:
- disclosure and reporting requirements
- financial and compliance audit
- ATO areas of concern.

Materials from this session:

Real Property Investments & SMSFs

Author(s):  Mary SIMMONS This paper covers the following topics:
- holding your business premises in your SMSF
- participating in property development
- buying property from associates
- leasing property to associates
- jointly owning property
- investing through unit trusts.

Materials from this session:

Asset Protection and Superannuation

Author(s):  Peter SLEGERS This paper covers the following topics:
- the relevant rules of bankruptcy
- financial risk planning
- why discretionary trusts work
- The Family Court look through approach.

Materials from this session: