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Advising on Part IVA

Published on 04 Dec 2007 | Took place at RACV Club, Melbourne , VIC

Once upon a time tax advisers often down played the risk that Part IVA would affect the promised tax outcomes from a transaction, but in light of recent cases this approach appears naïve. Nowadays when advising clients about minimizing tax it is essential that advisers also warn clients about the risk that Part IVA might apply. Unfortunately, whether Part IVA will apply is often unpredictable. The adviser therefore confronts a dilemma: how to advise clients who desire certainty about the potential application of a general anti-avoidance provision, the application of which is inherently uncertain. This seminar will examine the current interpretation of Part IVA, what clients should expect their advisers to tell them and how to minimize the risk of personal liabilities. Our three speakers have a wealth of experience in advising clients, advising advisers of clients and in preparing for, and arguing Part IVA cases in court.

Individual sessions

Post transaction housekeeping

Author(s):  Peter VAN DEN BROEK

This presentation covers:

  • The importance of completing files after a transaction
  • What to do with emails
  • What is the law regarding document retention in a tax context
  • Personal responsibility of advisers.
Materials from this session: