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Agribusiness - A lifecycle approach

Published on 11 Aug 2004 | Took place at Holiday Inn on Hindley, Adelaide, SA

Each stage of the lifecycle of a primary production business poses particular problems and issues on the operators and in turn their advisers. Initial structuring, which on the surface can appear simple, is often more critical than off-farm businesses of similar size due to the likelihood of requiring a structure suitable for the almost inevitable handover to the next generation.

Not only should the tools used to manage intergenerational transfers be revisited by practitioners periodically but so too should the rules dealing with the so-called operational issues of those businesses.

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Individual sessions

Agribusiness - Operational/Structure

Author(s):  Nick WILKINS This paper covers:
- initial structuring issues and solutions
- deductions
- write offs - capital allowances
- depreciating assets - changes to rules from 1st October 2004
- simplified tax system.

Materials from this session:

Significant Tax/Legal Issues for Primary Producers

Author(s):  Peter SLEGERS This paper covers:
- viticulture issues and solutions - vineyard sales and restructures, intellectual property issues and solutions eg. dealing with the value of the label, and composite assets
- lessee improvements
- water rights.

This paper was also presented at the Port Lincoln seminar on 10 September 2004.

Materials from this session:

Tax Issues Arising from Generational Transfers

Author(s):  Bill LAST,  John LEVY This paper covers:

- handover before death - tax/commercial issues
-- stamp duty relief
-- small business CGT concessions
-- GST exemptions
-- partnership reconstructions
-- trading stock and plant elections
-- farm management deposits

- handover before death - practical issues
-- motivating factors
-- methods (structures/leasing/mortgages)
-- retirement income
-- control

- transfer upon death
-- wills
-- testamentary trusts
-- inheritance claims
-- uncertainty for beneficiaries.

Materials from this session: