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Annual Intensive Seminar 1997

Published on 13 Nov 1997 | Took place at , NSW

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Individual sessions

Interest deductibility for corporations

Author(s):  Richard F EDMONDS Topics covered include:
- Interest deductibility
- Revenue Loss
- Steele's Case
- Interest v. Discount
- When interest is not deductible

Materials from this session:

Tax due diligence

Author(s):  John KIRKWOOD Topics covered include:
- The team approach
- Acquisition Due Diligence / Prospectus Due Diligence
- Materiality
- The Big Issues
- franking credits
- transfer pricing
- change in ownership

Materials from this session:

Corporate losses/ownership tracing rules: "mine and thine"

Author(s):  Robin SPEED Topics covered include:
- Whether a company can deduct its revenue losses of earlier years
- when a pre-CGT asset of a company becomes a post-CGT asset
- The search for the ultimate real owners

Materials from this session:

Tax effective share buy backs

Author(s):  Christopher CATT Topics covered include:
- Taxation law issues with share buy backs
- Use of share buy back by Australian Listed Companies
- Cross border share buy-backs
- Debt push down opportunities

Materials from this session:

Changes to the foreign source income provisions

Author(s):  Richard DUKES Topics covered include:
- Calculation of attributable income for limited-exemption listed countries
- foreign tax credits for limited-exemption listed countries
- calculation of attributable income for broad-exemption listed countries
- changes to characterisation of countries

Materials from this session:

Corporate re-organisations and anti-avoidance provisions

Author(s):  The Hon. Justice Ian GZELL Topics covered include:
- general anti-avoidance provisions of Part IVA
- Domestic re-organisations
- International re-organisations
- Treaty shopping
- Dividend stripping

Materials from this session:

Employee renumeration

Author(s):  Gil LEVY Topics covered include:
- expatriate renumeration
- bonus payments - tax of foreign earnings
- inbound expatriates
- salary packaging

Materials from this session:


Author(s):  Tony PROCTOR Topics covered include:
- overview of Corporatisation to Privatisation
- Depreciation - 4 August 1997 Announcement
- Section 51AD in privatisation
- Franchise fees

Materials from this session: