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Annual Trusts Intensive: A practical update

Published on 20 Oct 2006 | Took place at The Chifley on Lennons, Brisbane, QLD

The number of trusts used in Australia continues to grow at a tremendous pace. This is mainly because of the flexibility of trusts, tax advantages and the potential benefit of asset protection. The challenge is to stay up to date with the tax changes that are constantly undergoing review, and as a result, change. These seminar materials will provide you with an invaluable opportunity to determine whether trusts remain a viable option for your client’s investment and business structures.

They cover the complex rules, challenges and current changes in the area of trusts.

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Individual sessions

Trusts and asset protection

Author(s):  Neal DALLAS

This paper covers:

  • bankruptcy clawbacks - the current position
  • recent bankruptcy law changes - implications for structures
  • the relative effectiveness of alternative structures for asset protection
  • issues with revising structures - eg. FTE, rollovers
  • the gift and loan back - how effective is it?
Materials from this session:

Small business CGT concessions and trust issues

Author(s):  Ash CHOTAI

This paper covers:

  • small business concessions post-30th June 2007
  • PS LA 2005/1 GA - trusts, capital gains and the Commissioner
  • analysis of the maximum net asset value test
  • the significant individual and CGT concession stakeholder tests
  • structuring issues and ordering of the concessions
  • identifying the significant individuals of discretionary trusts.
Materials from this session:

Your trust's annual health check

Author(s):  Justin BYRNE

This paper covers:

  • revocable family trust elections
  • the relevance of the trust type
  • family trusts - satisfying the pattern of distributions test
  • Division 7A - is your trust affected?
  • the income injection test
  • the latest on trust cloning and splitting.
Materials from this session:

Understanding your trust deed

Author(s):  Greg CAHILL

This paper covers:

  • difficulties with working out who the beneficiaries are
  • trust-to-trust distributions and the rule against perpetuities
  • problems with distribution powers and beneficiary entitlements
  • problems with appointors and guardians
  • trust deed variations: How? What can they cure? What are the side effects?
  • the dangers of resettlement
  • terminating trusts.
Materials from this session:

When good trusts go bad

Author(s):  Clifford HUGHES

This presentation covers the following topics:

  • real life accounts of a trust gone wrong
  • the 'what if' situation
  • how you can avoid these mistakes
  • if you inherit a client trust with issues/mistakes - what can be done?
Materials from this session: