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Assisting SME clients expand their business offshore

Published on 18 Nov 2008 | Took place at Various, National

This event was part of the 2008 Roadshow Series and was prepared and delivered by KPMG staff on the following dates/places:

  • 18 Novemeber-Adelaide
  • 12 November-Perth
  • 30 October-Brisbane
  • 29 October-Sydney
  • 23 October-Melbourne.
This event was aimed at practitioners who want to be able to assist their SME clients who are considering, or should be considering, expanding their business offshore to reach larger markets. The event equipped delegates to provide practical advice (or identify relevant specialisists) and help clients understand the tax risks and implications of setting up operations offshore and also assisted in understanding how the ongoing Australian tax reporting will operate.

Individual sessions

Assisting SME clients expand their business offshore

Author(s):  KPMG KPMG

This paper covers:

  • understanding the basics of offshore expansion
  • how do we tax residents on their offshore income?
  • key exemptions
  • foreign income tax offsets
  • how offshore income accumulations are dealt with
  • what are the entity choices and the implications in choosing one or the other?
  • how are profit flows taxed depending on the form in which they are made?
  • how to fund offshore operations - and the pitfalls with using debt
  • case studies.
Materials from this session: