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At Call Loans - Division 7A

Published on 28 Jun 2005 | Took place at The Novotel Broadbeach, Wollongong, The Illawarra Catholic Club, Hurstville, and The Chatswood Club, Chatswood, NSW

This seminar series was held in:
- Wollongong on 16 June 2005
- Hurstville on 21 June 2005
- Chatswood on 28 June 2005.

In a taxation context, Division 7A has over the years been feared as a 'weapon of mass destruction'. It affects both private companies and their shareholders or indeed associates of such shareholders. However its impact can often be neutralised by taking appropriate action well before the final tick of the time-bomb.

Individual sessions

At Call Loans - Division 7A

Author(s):  Peter ADAMS

This presentation highlights some key risk areas and explores the interaction of Division 7A with other areas of income tax law including:

  • statute barred loans
  • anti-avoidance measures
  • interposed entity issues
  • impact on tax consolidation.
Materials from this session: