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ATO Audits/Reviews - what to expect and how to manage the outcome

Published on 13 Mar 2003 | Took place at Hotel Sofitel, Melbourne , VIC

As a result of the increased government funding to pursue audits/reviews, the ATO has created a number of audit teams and empowered them to secure the audit results required by government.

Whether you advise individuals, corporates, or other entities, and whether you advise on income tax or GST, the likelihood is that your clients will be asked to justify the positions they have taken. The onus will be on them to prove that adjustments should not be raised and that interest and penalties should not be applied.

It is not the tax technical issues alone which will determine the outcome of the process. Negotiation strategies, awareness of judicial rights and decisions in relation to privileged documents will also be important.

This seminar stepped through the audit process covering topics including:
- what happens
- the day to day running of the investigation
- which documents qualify for legal professional privilege
- negotiation.

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Individual sessions

The audit process

Author(s):  Michael BERSTEN This seminar paper covers topics including:
- what to expect - setting the parameters - the years, the issues, time investigation to run
- establishing the mechanics with the ATO - access to documents/people/buildings
- making sure all taxpayer personnel understand the parameters and their role.

Materials from this session:

Legal professional privilege

Author(s):  Andrew BROADFOOT This seminar paper includes the following topics:
- what is legal professional privilege - Daniel's case
- the ATO Guidelines - what is covered and what is the status of the guidelines
- making sure privilege is not waived
- role of the ATO Code of Settlement Practice
- advantages and disadvantages of claiming privilege.

Materials from this session:

Penalties and interest

Author(s):  Damien L LOCKIE This seminar paper covers topics including:
- what is appropriate
- rulings and legislation
- impact of ATO Code of Settlement Practice
- cost to taxpayer.

Materials from this session:


Author(s):  Kevin POSE This seminar paper covers topics including:
- shen to start your negotiation strategies
- negotiation options
- know your case - the facts and the law
- role of the ATO Code of Settlement Practice
- impact of Tax Consolidation framework
- when to walk away.

Materials from this session: