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BAS Reporting: GST for SME Retailers

Published on 30 May 2000 | Took place at Menzies Hotel, NSW

This seminar provides expert coaching on what must be done to ensure each BAS item amount is correctly driven by the accounting systems for SMEs in the retail sector, although the approach works across all sectors.

Individual sessions

Hitting the BAS Targets

Author(s):  Harry M RIGNEY With preparation there are relatively few dark mysteries with GST. But there is a new language to learn, and there are substantive changes to be made to the way retail business works, particularly at the smaller end of the spectrum. The Business Activity Statement (BAS) is the "GST return". This paper works back from the outcomes required by the BAS, in order to track the preparation which is now required of small business, using the SME retail sector as a model.

Materials from this session: