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Business Succession Agreements - Are your Clients Covered?

Published on 03 Mar 2009 | Took place at Sebel Playford, Adelaide, SA

We live in ‘interesting’ times. In light of the unprecedented turmoil in investment markets and the negative knock on effects being experienced in the wider economy, now more than ever, professional advisers need to provide proactive advice! The need to have adequate business succession planning and agreements in place is an important area where professional advisers can assist their clients.

This event covered the main issues business clients need to address in relation to business succession, or “buy-sell” agreements. The current commercial environment will place additional pressure on business partnerships and between working shareholders. A lack of business succession planning creates additional stress making voluntary exits from partnerships or shareholdings even more difficult.

Examples highlighted the key planning, taxation and funding issues for “buy- sell” agreements.

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Individual sessions

Business succession agreements - legal issues

Author(s):  John LEVY

This paper covers:

  • why have a buy-sell agreement
  • outline of buy-sell agreements
    • mandatory vs optional agreements
    • trigger events
  • CGT issues in relation to timing of CGT Events
  • CGT issues relating to non arm's length dealings
  • who bears the insurance risk
  • renewal / updating of agreed valuations.
Materials from this session:

Business succession and buy-sell agreements

Author(s):  Grant EDWARDS

This paper covers:

  • discussion of funding options
  • insurance options:
    • self-owned policies
    • cross-owned policies
    • insurance trust arrangements
  • structuring insurance cover through superannuation
  • deductibility of premiums.
Materials from this session:

Business succession agreements are your clients covered?

Author(s):  Grant EDWARDS,  John LEVY

This presentation covers:

  • legal issues with buy/sell agreements
  • insurance/ funding & tax issues
  • CGT issues upon sale/ purchase
  • other legal tips & traps
  • case studies.
Materials from this session: