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Capital Gains Tax Masterclass

Published on 19 Nov 1997 | Took place at Grand Hyatt Hotel, Melbourne, VIC

This seminar is designed to consider fundamental issues of uncertainty which continue to exist after more than a decade since the introduction of CGT.

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Individual sessions

Difficulties Faced in TLIP Rewrite Capital Gains Provisions

Author(s):  John BURGE

Materials from this session:

Complex Assets

Author(s):  John EMMERSON Topics covered include: Nature of Goodwill; Assets Comprising Bundles of Rights.

Materials from this session:

Liquidation of Companies

Author(s):  Michael J ANDREWS Topics covered include: New cost base provision and distribution priorities.

Materials from this session:

Losses and New Anti-Avoidance Rules

Author(s):  Paul ABBEY Topics covered include: Capital loss carry forward rules; Current year rules for capital losses; Difficulties in capital loss grouping.

Materials from this session:

Disposal of Rights on Performance of Contracts


Materials from this session:

Need for Economic Gain

Author(s):  AH (Tony) SLATER Topics include: A discussion of Carborundum and other compensation cases; Possible sources of a gain rule, eg, the Constitution.

Materials from this session:

Problems with Consideration

Author(s):  Zorach DISKIN Topics include: Should Consideration include liabilities?; Problems arising with 160ZD(2); How strong must nexus be with particular acquisition or disposal?

Materials from this session: