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Citylink Melbourne: Capital or Revenue Expenses? A New Approach?

Published on 28 Sep 2006 | Took place at The Old Swan Brewery, Perth, WA

The Citylink Melbourne case has caused a stir in the tax world, and it’s no surprise either! Despite a general consensus that the taxpayer’s chances in the High Court weren’t good, the Commissioner’s appeal was dismissed by a majority of five to one in the taxpayers favour – find out how and why!

Individual sessions

FCT v Citylink Melbourne Ltd

Author(s):  Richard NORTON

This presentation presents Richard Norton's view of the case:

  • capital or revenue?
  • when is an expense incurred?
  • to what period is an expense properly referable?
  • when is there an enduring benefit?
  • deduct now, pay later?
  • when is a contingency a contingency?
  • will TOFA make a difference?
Materials from this session: