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Consolidate your Knowledge - 36th Annual WA Convention

Published on 24 May 2002 | Took place at Hyatt Regency Perth, WA

Topics covered include: Part IVA; the role of debt & equity in financing your business; consolidation for SMEs; and recent developments in state taxes.

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Individual sessions

Part IVA: Another Perspective

Author(s):  Justice D Graham HILL Justice Hill's discussion paper deals with the interpretation and application of Part IVA, with particular reference to fore fact scenarios which demonsrate both the method of analysis which the various court decisions to date suggest and the diffculties which arise when the adviser has to apply them.

Materials from this session:

The Role of Debt & Equity in Financing Your Business

Author(s):  Mark FRIEZER The tax laws affecting the financing of companies have radically changed over the last few years. These changes impact upon business decisions in several key aspects:
- The efficient use of capital management strategies; such as share buy-backs;
- The implications of a lower corporate tax rate and a differntial capital gains tax rate for corporate distribution policy

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Consolidation of SMEs

Author(s):  Mark CEGLINSKI The Consolidations Regime will start on 1 July 2002 and will impact on every facet of the income tax affairs of corporate groups, small and large. This seminar paper looks at the operation of the proposed Consolidation Regime. It highlights the issues that SME companies need to focus on for the introduction on 1 July 2002.

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Indirect Tax Update

Author(s):  Cathryn FERRARIS Since the introduction of GST there have been a number of rulings and ATO decisions on the application and interpretation of the GST Legislation. This paper summarises a few of the topical issues, considers some of the more problematic areas and identifies some common GST mistakes.

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Continuous CGT Planning

Author(s):  Chris EVANS Capital Gains Tax continues to be a difficult arena for tax professionals, notwithstanding it generally dates back to 1985. CGT however has a tax planning timeframe which can embrace many years, even a lifetime.
Chris Evans is a nationally acclaimed presenter on all CGT matters and takes us through
- a comprehensive analysis of CGT foundations
- a five step approach to CGT
- practical CGT planning techniques
- pitfalls to consider in CGT planning
- Capital Gains ax planning for life

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2002 Casewatch - A Matter of Interest

Author(s):  Jonathan ILBERY This paper analyses a number of recent cases that have reinforced or developed principles as to deductibility of interest. Those developments have been in some instances restrictive - the Steele decision established that interest can't be excluded from deduction as capital expenditure but the April 2001 Anovoy case means that you may not be out of the 'woods'. The FCT v Jones full Federal Court decision has widened the availability of deductions for interest after failure of an initial investment/borrowing. Also covered ins the cases Hart v FCT, Firth v FCT and Howland Rose v Commissioner of Tax.

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