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Consolidations II

Published on 13 Nov 2002 | Took place at Le Meridien at Rialto, Melbourne , VIC

This seminar discusses assets, losses and MECs in relation to consolidations.

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Individual sessions


Author(s):  Peter MURRAY This powerpoint presentation discusses assets in relation to consolidations, including: forming a consolidated group, acquiring an entity or a consolidated group, disposal of an entity or consolidated group, and issues to watch for.

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Author(s):  Garry BOURKE This seminar paper discusses losses in relation to consolidations, including transfer of utilisation of losses, rate of utilisation, management of available fraction, management of loss bundles, value and loss donor rules.

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Author(s):  Jeff May This seminar paper discusses the differences in establishing asset values, loss utilisation, dividend management and exiting for Multiple Entry Consolidated (MEC) groups.

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