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Consolidations Intensive: The practical application

Published on 23 Oct 2007 | Took place at The Chifley at Lennons, Brisbane, QLD

While the tax consolidation regime has been in place for some time, its complexities continue to challenge tax practitioners.

The seminar highlighted some of the pitfalls and opportunities that face practitioners and their clients where consolidations are concerned. The day began with an overview of the core consolidation concepts such as tax asset value and losses. Subsequent sessions looked to reinforce and apply these concepts in the context of the impact of tax consolidation in mergers and acquisitions transactions and on undertaking a tax due diligence. The day concluded with a case study highlighting how the gain or loss on sale calculation under the 'exit rules' apply in practice.

This seminar covered tax consolidation from intermediate to high levels, with the complexity of topics building throughout the day.

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Individual sessions

Selling from a consolidated group: issues for vendors

Author(s):  Hayden BENTLEY

This paper covers:

  • preparing a group for sale
  • pre transaction restructuring
  • exit calculation steps and implications.
Materials from this session:

Acquiring an entity from/into a tax consolidated group - due diligence and related issues

Author(s):  Vanessa Bell

This paper covers:

  • buying a subsidiary from a group
  • how do I undertake due diligence?
  • will I get a step up on asset values and what does this mean?
  • timing and cut off issues.
Materials from this session:

Tax consolidation and losses

Author(s):  Johanna ROCHE,  Tanya HARMAN

This paper covers:

  • single entity principles: advantages and implications of consolidating
  • bringing tax losses into a consolidated group
  • limits on using losses in the group
  • carry forward loss tests for consolidation groups.
Materials from this session:

Asset cost setting: entry issues

Author(s):  Mauro Liberatore

This paper covers:

  • impact of resettling values on tax payable
  • how do I calculate the ACA for a group? A step by step guide
  • how is the ACA allocated across individual assets?
  • some practical issues/tips and traps in the process.
Materials from this session:

Tax sharing and tax funding agreements

Author(s):  David MARSCHKE

This paper covers:

  • the differences between tax funding and tax sharing
  • why do I need one?
  • what should they contain and what choices should be made?
  • M & A issues for tax funding and tax sharing agreements.
Materials from this session: