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Contractors or employees? The high court rules

Published on 25 Sep 2001 | Took place at Leonda by the Yarra, Hawthorn, VIC

This seminar discusses contractors versus employees, and who can be considered a contractor now.

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Individual sessions

Who can now be called a true independent contractor? Part 1

Author(s):  Brendan CHARLES This seminar paper provides an overview of the tests developed by the courts to assist those attempting to categorise work relationships as either principal/contractor or employer/employee.

Materials from this session:

Who can now be called a true independent contractor? Part 2

Author(s):  Chris WALLIS This seminar paper reviews the general nature of the decision in Vabu and identifies what the High Court has left alone; it considers an 'employee' and the rules relating to the alienation of personal services income; Considers an 'employee' for the purposes of the Superannuation Guarantee legislation; considers an employee for the purposes of the Payroll Tax Act; considers the implications of the High Court's decision for Workcover; makes suggestions as to what you can and perhaps ought do.

Materials from this session: