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Critical tax planning before 1 July 2000

Published on 30 May 2000 | Took place at Hawthorn Receptions , VIC

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Individual sessions

A reappraisal of year end tax planning techniques

Author(s):  Steven CERNI Tax issues facing businesses and tax advisers these days are becoming increasingly complex. With the implementation of the GST and the PAYG system the burden is increasingly on taxpayers and their advisers to revisit their tax compliance burden on a constant basis. Planning was once a year end issue. Under the present system, tax planning is becoming increasingly important on a quarterly if not monthly basis. This paper addresses tax planning issues.

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Year end trust remedies

Author(s):  Graeme HALPERIN This paper addresses some common year end remedies for trusts and seeks to identify traps and opportunities. It also describes some special issues that need to be considered as a consequence of some recent changes and announcements.

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Sheltering Income: you can run, but can you hide?

Author(s):  Noel BEHARIS End of year tax shelters have been part of the tax landscape for over a decade now. This paper may assist advisers to understand the effect of the new changes in the tax system - and the impact they have on 30 June investments - and appropriately arm themselves with enough knowledge to fully advise clients wishing to embark on these types of investments.

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