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Death and Taxes - The Only Two Certainties

Published on 15 Oct 2002 | Took place at Sheraton on the Park, Sydney, NSW

The focus of this comprehensive seminar is to review and analyse the complex taxation implications which arise on death and to discuss tax effective planning opportunities.

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Individual sessions

Estate planning essentials

Author(s):  Chris TSOVOLOS This powerpoint presentation discusses the importance of estate planning, how to structure a tax effective will, the advantage of testamentary trusts and how to use them effectively, the role of the tax adviser in estate planning and latest developments.

Materials from this session:

Tax implications on death

Author(s):  Yvette PIETSCH This seminar paper discusses income tax issues arising on death, CGT and stamp duty implications on assets passing to the excutor and the beneficary, CGT main residence exemption on death, special CGT rules if the beneficiary is a charity, creation of life estates in a will and CGT implications and dealing with assets held through a family trust.

Materials from this session:

Superannuation and estate planning - the fund

Author(s):  Andrew SKINNER This seminar paper discusses the role of superannuation in estate planning, controlling the superannuation assets and the tax implications of death for the superannuation fund.

Materials from this session:

Superannuation and estate planning - benefits

Author(s):  Mark WILKINSON This seminar paper deals with strategies for dealing with superannuation benefits, benefits in the accrual stage, benefits in the pension phase, reversionary and other pensions, the special case of minors, what to do with excessive benefits, and hidden tax dangers in death benefits.

Materials from this session:

Business estate/succession planning

Author(s):  Michael SCHNEIDER This seminar paper discusses what a business estate/succession plan is, how to define the objectives with the client, understanding the legal structure and financials, the four likely scenarios, and what are the key issues for each?

Materials from this session: