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Division 7A 'In the Trenches'

Published on 27 May 2004 | Took place at Eagle Street Conference Centre, Brisbane, QLD

The latest amendments to Division 7A can make life easier or harder for your valued clients, depending on their position! This seminar covered the changes, and why they are causing upheaval among practitioners.

Division 7A can apply in ways and in situations that you may not have thought possible. These seminar materials contain real life examples about application to guarantees, marital or family breakdown, statue barring, and other common situations, including most common areas of breach.

The seminar will cover:
- how do the recent amendments affect you?
- can you still distribute to your corporate beneficiary effectively?
- are you inadvertently triggering deemed dividends, perhaps on a divorce or dissolution?
- traps for new players
- what are the most common breaches?

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Individual sessions

Division 7A - a familiar friend or foe?

Author(s):  Paul BANISTER This presentation covers the following topics:
- what to watch out for
- statute-barred loans
- post-fact patch-ups
- defusing sec108 loans
- FBT interactions
- hidden applications of Div 7A.

Materials from this session:

Trusts & Divorce: the new 109UB

Author(s):  Mark L ROBERTSON This paper covers the following topics:
- Sec 109UB - it's here! What to tell your clients. Do the old strategies still work?
- Divorce - don't get caught out. Avoid the double whammy. Planning pays off.

Materials from this session: