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Entity Taxation / Loans Seminar

Published on 12 Feb 2001 | Took place at Royal on the Park, Brisbane , QLD

This seminar was divided into two seperate half day seminars. The first focused on trusts and the second half on loans.

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Individual sessions

Restructuring - Should a Non-Fixed Trust be Fixed?

Author(s):  David W MARKS This seminar paper covers topics including:
- Restructuring without Rollover Relief
- Pre July 2001 Stragegies
- Introduction to Resettlement

Materials from this session:

Capital Structure of Trusts

Author(s):  Mark L ROBERTSON Topics covered in this seminar presentation include:
- Grabbing Grandfather Amounts
- Tidying up Loans Accounts
- Contributed Capital - What's in and what's out
- Pre July 2001 Strategies

Materials from this session:

Non-Commercial Loans - What To Do With Them?

Author(s):  Pratish Patel Topics covered in this seminar paper include:
- NBTS (Entity Taxation) Bill 2000
- Fixed v Non-fixed trusts
- Commercial v non-commercial loans
- 'Slice' Rule
- What it means for your Client's Balance Sheet

Materials from this session:

Distributions - Not So Simple

Author(s):  Mark WEST This seminar presentation covers topics such as:
- What is their derivation?
- Streaming
- Profits First Rule
- Family Trust Elections

Materials from this session:

Division 7A & Section 108

Author(s):  Ash CHOTAI This seminar paper provides information on:
- Artifices, ambiguities & Opportunities
- Loan Agreements
- Corporate beneficiaries
- Forgiveness of debt

Materials from this session:

Stamp Duty Implications

Author(s):  Harry LAKIS This seminar paper covers topics such as:
- The Current Act
- The New Duties Bill
- Hazardous Debt Forgiveness
- Resettling
- Timing of Changes

Materials from this session:

Loans & FBT - The Nexus With Employment Contracts

Author(s):  Mark L ROBERTSON Topics covered in this paper include:
- Loan and debt waiver fringe benefits
- Employment Contracts & Knowles' Case
- 'Otherwise Deductible' - What is and what isn't
- Substantiation - Loan Benefit Declarations

Materials from this session:

Commercial Debt Forgiveness

Author(s):  James PETERSON Topics covered in this paper include:
- 'Hidden' Commercial debts
- Deemed Forgiveness of Debt
- Releasing 'Trapped' Losses
- Costs v Benefits of Forgiving Commercial Debts

Materials from this session: