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Essential Stamp Duty for Tax Advisers

Published on 20 Apr 2006 | Took place at Leonda by the Yarra, Hawthorn , VIC

Good tax planning can easily be undone by a poor understanding of the stamp duty impact. Even common transactions have complex or unexpected stamp duty implications.

This seminar was specially designed so that tax advisers can understand how stamp duty may impact on everyday transactions. It also covered the significant changes to stamp duty in recent years that can trap even those with a working knowledge of the law.

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Individual sessions

Exemptions from duty

Author(s):  Geoff CRAWFORD

This paper looks at:

  • when is a transfer of land from a trust to a beneficiary exempt?
  • transfers of land between spouses
  • transfers of land to superannuation funds
  • transfers of land on partition
  • company liquidations
  • corporate reconstruction relief.
Materials from this session:

Stamp Duty - Dealings in Land - Victoria

Author(s):  Tim GRACE

This paper look at:

  • transactions relating to land which are dutiable
  • tenant’s fixtures
  • aggregation of separate transactions
  • dutiable value: consideration/unencumbered value
  • reducing dutiable value - anti-avoidance provision
  • sale of business assets with land
  • the position re goodwill and chattels
  • general anti-avoidance provision
  • nominee purchases
  • terms sales
  • buying off the plan.
Materials from this session: