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Estate Planning

Published on 20 May 2003 | Took place at AMF Centre, Glenside, SA

This workshop included a tax update covering all tax changes that had occurred over the previous month.

This was followed by the main presentation on estate planning.

Individual sessions

Tax Update

Author(s):  Kirrily MITCHELL This presentation covers all tax changes that have occurred over the last month.

Materials from this session:

Estate Planning

Author(s):  Matthew TRIPODI As advisers, we help our clients create and build wealth over time. We are involved in structuring their affairs, protecting their assets and minimising their tax.

However, planning for what is to happen to our clients' assets when they die is often overlooked completely, or done inadequately. This presentation covers the following issues:
- what estate planning is and why it is important
- dealing with assets
- dealing with entities - companies, trusts or super funds
- testamentary trusts
- protective trusts
- CGT and other tax issues
- powers of attorney and guardianship
- the adviser's role in estate planning.

Materials from this session: