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Estate Planning for Tax Practitioners

Published on 14 Oct 2004 | Took place at All Seasons Premier Menzies, Sydney and Crowne Plaza, Parramatta , NSW

This seminar series was held on:
- 5 October 2004 at All Seasons Premier Menzies
- 14 October 2004 at Crowne Plaza, Parramatta.

Benjamin Franklin is reputed to have said that the only two certainties in life are death and taxes. Estate planning involves an enormous interaction with both. It is something that faces everyone. Ignore it at your peril. Do you have a will that reflects your current position and your current intentions?

If not, why not? Can't make up your mind what you want to do? Are you too busy looking after clients? Are you regularly travelling on aircraft or driving on dangerous streets?

What about your top 10 clients? Have they got their houses in order?

Individual sessions

Estate planning for tax practitioners

Author(s):  David J WILLIAMS Aspects covered in this presentation include:
- is a will always necessary?
- getting the essentials absolutely correct
- fancy will planning
- non-testamentary planning
- FPA (if you don't know what it stands for you need to)
- superannuation implications
- succession planning
- interface with asset protection
- plans to re-introduce death duties
- it is all about trade offs and cost benefit analysis.

Materials from this session: