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Estate Planning: Private Client Issues

Published on 24 Aug 2009 | Took place at The Brisbane Marriott Hotel , QLD

The Australian population, with increased life expectancies and decreased birth rates, is getting older. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, as at 30 June 2007, 9 percent or approximately 2 million people were 70 years old or older. As the ‘Baby-Boomers’ retire, this percentage will increase significantly.

The opportunity that flows from this is providing quality estate and succession planning advice to a growing market; a market, which is relevant to accountants, lawyers, and financial planners. Practitioners armed with emerging strategies and planning opportunities are well placed to meet the needs of their clients.

This event covered important aspects of estate and succession planning, and relevant, important strategies and developments to help your practice and your clients.

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Individual sessions

Estate planning for melded and blended families

Author(s):  Sean MCMAHON,  Jane BLAKE

This paper covers:

  • what is a blended family
  • advising blended families
  • gathering information
  • estate v non-estate assets
  • effect of changes in relationship status on a client's estate plan
  • de facto relationships
  • family provision applications
  • testamentary trusts
  • binding financial agreements
  • superannuation
  • capital protected trusts
  • control of family trusts for blended families
  • executor and trustee selection
  • powers of attorney
  • life insurance
  • memorandum of wishes
  • case study.
Materials from this session:

Restructuring the family group for an estate plan

Author(s):  Mark WEST

This paper covers:

  • the re-organisation of family groups, including companies and trusts, the tricks and traps
  • the availability of tax concession in group reorganisations
  • consideration of consolidation and demergers.
Materials from this session:

Testamentary trusts

Author(s):  Laura HANRAHAN

This paper covers:

  • when will a testamentary trust be established?
  • how to ensure that the right person gets the benefit of an asset
  • differentiating between an executor and a trustee of a testamentary trust
  • controlling testamentary trusts through multiple generations
  • rights and obligations of trustees of testamentary trusts
  • rights of aggrieved beneficiaries of a testamentary trust.
Materials from this session:

Family law and estate planning

Author(s):  Justine WOODS

This paper covers:

  • child support and family provision
  • separation and divorce
  • financial settlements and estate planning.
Materials from this session:

Family provision applications

Author(s):  John DE GROOT

This presentation covers:

  • NSW estates and NSW assets
  • resources subject to such claims, including ruling from the grave via trusts
  • recent tendencies of the Courts in dealing with such claims (eg claims by adult sons & daughters being disposed of summarily)
  • planning steps available in Queensland and other States to increase the chance assets will go where intended
  • limits, including ethical limits, on such structuring.
Materials from this session:

Super death benefits

Author(s):  Lyn FORMICA

This paper covers:

  • super splitting - divorce
  • how do members control who will receive a benefit on their death?
  • how do members determine who is entitled to receive a benefit on their death?
  • what are the ways in which these death benefits can be paid and how does this benefit different categories of beneficiaries?
  • how do we tie superannuation and estate and succession planning together for the benefit of the client?
Materials from this session: