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Family Law

Published on 29 Oct 2009 | Took place at Leonda by the Yarra, Hawthorn, VIC

The Family Court is arguably the most powerful court in Australia. The recent case of Kennon v Spry highlighted the broad scope the Family Court has to determine that assets held in a trust amount to 'property' of a marriage. As a result of recent legislative changes, property rights now arise from a variety of relationships, including de facto relationships. This represents a further challenge to clients wishing to protect their assets, and their children's inheritances from family law claims.

This event covered these recent changes and what they mean to your clients and analysed the extent to which binding financial agreements can be used to minimise risks.

Individual sessions

Tax, trusts and the Family Court: (In)discretion is the name of the game

Author(s):  Peter SZABO

This paper covers:

  • the key tax issues for divorcees
  • how new relationship laws can affect your clients' asset protection
  • family trusts - what rights do spouses really have?
  • binding financial agreements - how effective are they?
Materials from this session: