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Franchising: Super Size your Business?

Published on 28 Sep 2005 | Took place at Stamford Plaza Adelaide, SA

An increasing number of franchises in different industries and of different sizes are appearing around the country.

In many cases, a franchise can be a mutually beneficial arrangement. It provides the franchisor with the ability to grow its business and goodwill without the need to inject further capital. It provides the franchisee with the ability to access the franchisor's valuable trade name and operating systems. However, there are many issues that should be given serious consideration before franchising a business or purchasing a franchise.

These seminar materials consider the legal, commercial, structuring and taxation issues for both franchisors and franchisees of entering into and running a franchise.

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Individual sessions

Franchising: tax and structuring issues

Author(s):  Ben WILSON

Topics covered in this paper include:

  • structuring issues for franchisors and franchisees
  • capital v revenue
  • GST issues
  • personal services income.
Materials from this session:

Is franchising suitable for your clients' business?

Author(s):  Ramsey ANDARY

Topics covered in this paper include:

  • what is a franchise?
  • when to franchise
    • can your business be franchised?
    • how to franchise
  • franchising Code of Conduct
    • initial disclosure documents and update requirements
    • marketing funds and audit requirements
    • misleading conduct including recent court cases
  • franchise agreement.
Materials from this session: