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Goods & Services Tax: Session 5

Published on 17 Aug 1999 | Took place at Menzies Hotel, NSW

Discusses the approach of the ATO, and how to put together a GST Business Plan.

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Individual sessions

GST - how to put together a GST plan

Author(s):  Wayne BIRNEY This presentation, as the title suggests, outlines the putting together of a GST plan including : Background review; First Steps; Initial Findings; Programme Plan; Structure; Education; Business Impact Study; Key Issues; Key Risks; Opportunities; Warnings. And the final comment Get Started Today, there are only 318 days to go!

Materials from this session:

GST - what will be the approach of the ATO

Author(s):  Rick MATTHEWS This presentation outlines the approach of the Australian Taxation Office to the GST : Tax Reform Phase 1 Implementation; Client Base. Total Entities with Business Income; Estimated GST Registrations; Key Industries; GST Free Supplies; GST Budget; Implementation Framework; Intergovernmental Agreement; ATO Implementation Processes; How do you Register?; Strusture of the ABN; The PAYG policy in ANTS; Replacing Existing Systems; PAYG Transitional Measures; Draft BAS; Goods and Services Tax; Rulings Program; Support for Clients; ATO GST Industry Teams; GST Field Assistance Officers; Systems and Infrastructure; E-transactions with the ATO

Materials from this session: