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GST Conference Day

Published on 23 Feb 2000 | Took place at Carlton Crest Hotel Brisbane, QLD

Topics covered include: ABN and tax invoicing; Systems implementation; Transitional issues; Year End GST planning issues; Pricing issues.

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Individual sessions

The Process - ABN & Tax Invoicing

Author(s):  Charles A DUTHIE This paper gives the reader an insight on the practical implementation of GST on a business, how a report might look like when explaining the impact of GST on a business, provides explanations of the effect of GST on transactions that companies may encounter on a regular basis, and provides a basis for GST implementation for an accountancy or law practice.

Materials from this session:

What within a Business can be Financial Services

Author(s):  Steve HOWLIN This powerpoint presentation explains how financial services operate within businesses particularly how the law defines what is and is not a financial supply, typical financial supplies made by most businesses, implications of making financial supplies, apportionment of input tax credits, areas of difficulty, and questions and answers

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The Systems Implementation

Author(s):  Terry CAMPBELL This is a powerpoint presentation.

Materials from this session:

Year End Tax Planning Issues for Business & Penalties

Author(s):  Craig DARLEY This powerpoint presentation reviews year end tax planning issues for business, and penalties

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Pricing Guidelines

Author(s):  Alan Ducret This paper examines the prohibition on price exploitation under the Trade Practices Act. This is a relatively new concept in Australian law, and one that bites at the most fundamental questions in business - at what price should you sell your product? The paper provides some background to the prohibition and explains the fundamental principles involved. It then sets out a few simple steps that firms should be taking now.

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Goods and services tax for professionals

Author(s):  Murray Hooper Accountants and lawyers are key elements in the successful implementation of the new tax system. The ability of both professions to merge their respective skills will ensure that the risks associated with GST will be minimised. For both accountants and lawyers there are 2 levels of concern: the manner in which GST willl directly impact their professional practice, and the GST impact for clients and their business transactions. This paper reviews the issues.

Materials from this session: