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GST for the Professional

Published on 26 Apr 2000 | Took place at Menzies Hotel , NSW

This seminar explains the impact of the GST on a professional practice. How it will impact on the cash flows of the practice and what changes may need to be made to ensure any costs are minimised.

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GST for the Professional

Author(s):  Greg VALE The purpose of the paper is to explain the impact of the GST on the professional practice. The first part of this paper aims to provide a general overview of the operation of the GST. The paper does not explore the basics of the GST in great detail and it is assumed that readers have a general knowledge of how the tax works. The paper will concentrate on a few specific areas only, being: 1.Transitional contracts and how the GST affects agreements entered into now; 2.GST treatment of retainers; 3.The GST treatment of disbursements; 4.Structure and format of fee notes post-GST; 5.The relationship between the partnership and the service entity and where the GST liability will lie; 6.GST status of pro bono work.

Materials from this session: