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Hart's Case

Published on 23 Jul 2004 | Took place at City West Function Centre, West Perth , WA

The nature and width of an identified scheme can determine the outcome of Part IVA proceedings. The High Court's just-released decision in FCT V Hart addresses important unresolved questions about how a scheme is properly identified. This seminar will cover the decision and the fundamental effect it will have on the application of Part IVA.

Individual sessions

Hart's Case - What kind of hand has the High Court dealt?

Author(s):  Fiona J ALPINS,  John W DE WIJN The recent High Court decision in FCT v Hart revisits the significance of identifying the scheme in the application of Part IVA.

This paper was also presented at the Hart's Case seminars held in Melbourne on 8 June 2004, Sydney on 21 June 2004 and Perth on 23 July 2004.

Materials from this session: