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In Trusts We Trust?

Published on 06 Jun 2002 | Took place at Menzies Hotel, Sydney, NSW

This seminar discusses the tax rules for profitable trusts, tax rules for loss trusts, distributions of income and capital from trusts, the termination of trusts, and trust planning.

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Individual sessions

Trust planning

Author(s):  Kevin J MUNRO This seminar paper discusses tax reform and trusts, where to after entity tax, trusts in tax consolidation regime, alternative business structures, when should you use a trust, 50% CGT discount and small business CGT concessions, what is the future of trusts, and exit strategies.

Materials from this session:

Distributions of income and capital from trusts

Author(s):  Trevor PASCALL This seminar paper discusses distributions of income and capital from trusts, including: how to get them right, revaluations and distributions, issues with the wording of resolutions, amending resolutions, key issues with trust deeds, distributions between trusts to companies and Division 7A, streaming to beneficiaries, unpaid trust distributions, imputation and the 45 Day rule, ultimate beneficiary statements, trust income versus net income.

Materials from this session:

Tax rules for loss trusts

Author(s):  Simon Clark This seminar discusses tax rules for loss trusts, including: family trust elections, how to apply the trust loss tests, how and when can you recoup trust losses, plus case studies.

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The termination of trusts

Author(s):  Michael BINETTER This seminar paper discusses the termination of trust in relation to: income tax, CGT and GST, no trust property, winding up solvent and insolvent trusts, and trust resettlements.

Materials from this session: