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Intangibles - tax tips and traps

Published on 10 Oct 2006 | Took place at Stamford Plaza Adelaide, SA

Intangibles are an increasingly common part of modern business and yet the tax implications of intangibles can be fraught with difficulty for clients and their advisors. The spectrum of intangibles (ranging from goodwill, brands, licences, copyright, trade marks to other forms of IP) often involves many inter-related and overlapping areas of taxation. Having the practical ability to understand the key types of Intangibles and their likely taxation implications is critical to achieving the best possible taxation outcome under varying circumstances.

Individual sessions

Intangibles: tax tips and traps

Author(s):  Sean VAN DER LINDEN

Topics covered in this paper include:

  • intangibles identification and categorisation
  • intangibles and “goodwill”, including distinguishing “goodwill” from more specific forms of Intellectual Property
  • major taxation attributes of Intangibles, including:
    • income tax
    • CGT and small business concessions
    • capital allowances
    • R & D
  • key tax issues associated with managing Intangible taxation treatments including:
    • buying and selling
    • licensing intangibles
    • internally created intangibles.
Materials from this session: